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Where To Buy Saxx Underwear

Posted on February 07 2019

Ed's Fine Imports lists where to buy SAXX underwear

If you’re wondering where to buy Saxx underwear, you are clearly ahead of the curve. You’re doing what many other men have yet to do. You’re taking a stand against underwear that’s uncomfortable, offers little or no support and prevents chafing.

You’re trying to find what claims could be  “...the world’s greatest underwear”. That’s exactly why we carry the entire line of Saxx products here at Ed’s Fine Imports.

Saxx - Underwear Reinvented

Reinvented? World’s greatest? What’s going on here? To start from the beginning, Saxx is a brand of underwear that, get this, was developed by a regular guy. Saxx founder Trent Kitsch set out to design men’s underwear that separated his package from his thighs to prevent chafing and offer more comfort.

A former baseball player, Kitsch imagined a baseball cradled a catcher's mitt and used that as the basis for his design idea. A working design included a hammock-like pouch that he asked a seamstress and designer to build into his first prototype.

The result is that today you can wear underwear that is very comfortable and supportive all while letting you move freely all day long.

But Why Might it Be the Greatest Underwear Ever?

First, if you want the fastest and most effective answer, just try on a pair of Saxx. In fact, until you do, you probably won’t believe all the good things you hear about them. Here are just a few of the reasons the article above gives for its title.

  • You don’t notice you’re wearing them They feel like you’re wearing nothing.
  • The Ballpark Pouch keeps your package comfortable and in place.
  • They don’t ride up your leg

There’s more to Saxx underwear than the pouch. Breathable mesh panels and moisture-wicking fabric minimizes moisture. And Flat Out Seamstm reduce friction and increase comfort.

If you’re wondering where to buy Saxx underwear, make sure to visit Ed’s Fine Imports in-store where we carry their full range of products.

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