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8 Simple Steps to Pack a Suit Like a Boss

Posted on December 19 2018

Learn how to pack a suit in today's article by Ed's Fine Imports

Sure, you can pack a suit in a garment bag. It’s probably the best way to make sure your suit doesn’t look like a dishrag when you unpack. But, if you like to travel fast and light, garment bags are a drag. You can only really use them for business attire, so they automatically add to how many bags you must carry.

Packing a Suit for Carry-On

But fear not. Even if all you have is a carry-on suitcase, you can pack your men’s suit in a way that keeps it as wrinkle-free as possible. If you do like to travel light, the more you master short business trip packing tips like how to fold a suit, the better. Not only is it easier for you to travel with less luggage, but you’ll be able to skip the baggage check and baggage claim. If you’re on a tight schedule, that time savings can make a huge difference.  

How to Pack a Suit

Before you start to pack, it will help to have everything ready to go. Your entire business outfit, including dress shirts, should be dry cleaned. Keep the plastic cover that protects your suit from the dry cleaners. You’ll see why when you read the following tips for packing a business suit.

  1. Place the Jacket Face Down on a Flat Surface - Preferably a hard surface, like the dining table. That will help you fold the suit jacket crisply.
  2. Fold the Left Shoulder Back - Pick up the left shoulder of the suit and fold it across the back of the suit towards the right shoulder.
  3. Turn the Right Shoulder Inside Out - Not the sleeve, just the shoulder. Then tuck the left shoulder into the right shoulder.
  4. Fold the Jacket in Half - First, fold it in half vertically, then fold it in half horizontally.
  5. Put the Jacket in Plastic - Use the clear plastic that covered the suit from the dry cleaner. The plastic will keep the jacket and pants from rubbing against each other and wrinkling.
  6. Lay Out the Trousers - Lay your trousers neatly on the hard surface from left to right.
  7. Place the Jacket Across the Trousers - Lay the folded jacket across the center of the trousers. Fold the top of the trousers across the jacket and do the same with the bottom of the trousers.
  8. Place In the Luggage - Place the folded suit in your luggage in a way that will minimize the chances of the suit folding any more than it already is.
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