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About Us

A wise man once said, “Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man.”
But Edgar Arabian would tell you that dressing well is about more than just impressing the opposite sex.

Ed has been running his Markham based men’s clothing business Ed’s Fine Imports for nearly twelve years, and in that time he has seen a suit help a man land a job, walk down the aisle, and graduate in style.

According to Ed, the impact that clothing can have on someone’s overall life is tremendous.

But the business of dressing well is often not an easy one. It requires a fine eye for detail as well as a strong sense of good taste for mixing the bold statements of current fashion with the subtleties that make a piece timeless- and Ed has trained his eye well.

Ed’s father is a master tailor who has run his own business, Paul’s Tailors, for over thirty years. From the time when he was five years old, Ed has been watching him at work, and in the process, he has learned about what separates the exquisite from the ordinary- in regards to fit, fabric, and customer service.

And the numbers prove that Ed knows what he’s doing. Since moving Ed’s Fine Imports from its first location to Unionville to his current location At his storefront in Markham at 166 Bullock Drive business has tripled.

The sole purchaser for all products imported to his store, it’s Ed’s gift for selecting the best of the best in garments as well as his high standards for customer service that has set him apart from the competition.