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Introducing the Innovative New SAXX Underwear

Posted on November 30 2017

Introducing the Innovative New SAXX Underwear

If you haven’t guessed it already, today’s topic is men’s underwear.  Whatever you call them: skivvies, briefs, gotchies, boxers, tighty whities, under pants or foundation garments, there are three basic styles of men’s underwear.


Popular with the ‘Disco Stu’s’ of the world, these are all show and little comfort or support.


The ‘tighty whitie’ style, but also available in lots of colours, this is arguably the ‘standard’ of men’s underwear. Or at least it was when your Dad was in high school.


Available in boxer brief and boxer shorts variations, this might be the most popular mens’ underwear because of their relative comfort and their ‘wear-them-around-the-house’ versatility.

Regardless of the type, few if any men’s underwear styles were ever truly designed for the male body. Bikini styles are made for little more than being the only men’s underwear that comes in a leopard print, and other styles are too loose to keep everything in place. One unfortunate result is the habit that’s annoying to both sexes: men rearranging things without any warning. But we had no choice.

Until SAXX underwear came along.

It’s kind of odd seeing the word ‘innovate’ in relation to men’s underwear. But that’s just what the makers of SAXX set out to do. After a particularly uncomfortable fishing expedition, SAXX founder, Trent Kitsch, decided to do something about it.

A former baseball player, Kitsch pictured a catcher’s mitt hammock design, but turned upside down to keep things where the should be and to avoid chafing.

The resulting SAXX design features three patented technologies to make it the most comfortable men’s’ underwear ever.

1. BallPark PouchTM

The uniquely-shaped ‘hammock’ pouch is made of mesh panels for separation and breathability. And there’s no exposed stitching to cause any chafing or irritation.

2. Three-D FitTM

Built with a 360-degree view of the male body, SAXX uses nine different panels in its construction for optimum fit around your glutes, thighs, quads and hamstring.

3. Flat Out SeamsTM

Quite simply, instead of going with the standard clothing technique of keeping the smooth side of the seam on the outside, SAXX put the smooth part on the inside for even greater comfort.

We can never express just how comfortable SAXX underwear is in a blog post. You just have to try it. Stop in for a visit here at Ed’s Fine Imports and we’ll be happy to show you all the great SAXX styles and patterns and why they call SAXX ‘Life Changing Men’s Underwear’.

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