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3 Blazer Trends 2021

Posted on August 04 2021

3 Blazer Trends 2021

A men's blazer is one of those 'must haves' in your wardrobe due to their versatility. Like jeans and sneakers, they can work in the office, on the street, or in the club.

We suggest you need at least three 'active' blazers—that is, those currently on trend—and regularly swap outdated styles for current fashions. We've put together the following blazer trends for 2021 to help you look sharp as you step out this fall.

Check Out These Blazer Trends 2021

As always, putting together a proper men's wardrobe isn't just about having a variety of different types of clothing, like suits, shirts, pants, shoes, etc.. It's really about having a mix of colors, textures and designs so you can get creative with different combinations and develop your own unique style.

  1. The Classic Blazer

    It's blue. It's comfortable. And it's designed and stitched to last. The Downie St. Men's Blazer is elegant and stylish, with a built-in pocket square. The top quality fabric blend complements the attention given to every detail on this jacket.

  2. The Best Seller

    The clientele here at Ed's know a thing or two about men's fashion. In fact, when we assemble our 'Trends' lists, we look at what they are buying. This year, this made-in-Canada Ted Baker Men's Blazer is a runaway best seller. The window pane pattern in blue/orange will make sure people know you have arrived, without drawing too much attention.  

  3. The Statement Blazer

    Sometimes you don't care about what's traditional or trendy. Sometimes you just want to put on a quality jacket that's comfortable, well-fitted and makes a statement about its wearer. The subtly-patterned wool blend of this Paul Betenly Blazer - Burgundy says it all, without overstating it.

If you're heading back to work, or you're already there but didn't have the time to get your wardrobe in order, check out our recent article 'Put These Points into Your Personal Menswear Dress Code for Work'.