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Put These Points into Your Personal Menswear Dress Code for Work

Posted on June 02 2021

Put These Points into Your Personal Menswear Dress Code for Work

Whether you’ve been working from home recently, or your job has kept you in the workplace, there’s no denying that the pandemic has at very least continued the trend towards lax dress codes for many businesses.

Even the most formal offices might experience more “casual Fridays”, and the hippest studios will let almost anything pass.  

However, for a variety of reasons, from dressing for success to supporting the corporate brand, it can make sense to create and follow your own dress code for business.

X Tips for Your Own Business Dress Code

The following are suggestions offered here in hopes that they will at least be a guide for you to put your business wardrobe to work for you.

  1. Everything Clean & Intact - Straight up, no matter how relaxed the dress code is at your workplace, or even at home on a zoom call, you should never wear anything that is visibly in need of a washing.

    With the possible exception of the recent trend to ripped jeans, at least in women’s fashion, ripped, frayed or overly wrinkled items should also be avoided.

  2. Properly Fitted - Oversized shirts and hoodies can be very comfortable when you’re at home and relaxing. But they can actually hamper getting things done in the workplace. If nothing else, oversized clothing can look sloppy and, even if they’re accepted according to your dress code, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t reflect on you, your work and your business.

  3. Gym Wear - First, please tell us you don’t show up to work in gym shorts! Most workout gear should be left at the gym or on your Peloton. The main exception being sneakers, which should at least follow the “Clean & Intact” rule!

If you prefer to break rules instead of making them, check out our article “4 of The Best Men’s Fashion Rules to Ignore”.