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What Menswear To Pack For Summer Travel

Posted on June 17 2019

lying your things out help you decide what menswear to pack for summer travel

Even if you’re just for a cottage vacation, summer is a time of travel. But if you’re on a business trip, or going to a wedding, then what menswear to pack for summer travels becomes a bit of an issue.

At once, you want to travel light, but still have the clothing options to look sharp in the boardroom or chapel, and comfortable when you’re sightseeing on your time off, or lounging at the hotel pool.

Of course, you’re going to include travel clothing with the usual features, like quick-drying, low-wrinkle pieces, but also remember the following to keep your packing light and your style options many.

Pack the Following Menswear for Summer Travel

Yet another trick your travel wardrobe should pull off is to be easy to pack. So, with all the different criteria in mind, here's what to pack for your summer travel excursions.

  1. White, Button-Down Shirt - This works in the office and, unbuttoned, on the town.

  2. Dark-Colored Pants - Darker blues and grays tend to look more formal, yet be comfortable when the setting is informal.

  3. A Lighter-Coloured Blazer or Jacket - Do you see where we’re going here? The shirt, pants and blazer mentioned so far can work with a tie to make sure you're not under-dressed at a church service, without the tie for business casual and you can mix and match any one of them with other pieces for a wide variety of looks.

  4. A T-Shirt & Shorts - Hey, its summer, right? You’ll be wearing shorts at some point. And, if you choose the right colour for your t-shirt, you can wear it in the evening under your jacket.

  5. Two Pairs of Shoes -  Dress shoes and sneakers. And bring a pair of sandals if you have space, especially if you’re headed somewhere that’s especially hot.

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