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3 Techniques for How To Fold A Suit

Posted on April 23 2019

Techniques on how to fold a suit | Ed's Fine Imports

Even if you’re not bothered by wearing a suit jacket wrinkled because you didn’t fold or pack it properly, other people might notice. Important people. Like the person who will decide whether or not you get the contract.

But by simply learning how to fold a suit jacket the right way, you can avoid the wrinkles and come home a hero.

How You Fold Your Jacket Depends on How You’re Travelling

Of course, if you have a garment bag, you can avoid folding altogether. But if you’re forced to use luggage, or you’re just on a short trip, you might not have the luxury of a garment bag.

If that’s the case, try one of the following folding techniques.

  1. Fold it Like a Dress Shirt - This one’s easy to learn because you probably already know it. Always fold your jacket on a flat surface.
  • Place the jacket on the surface, front-side down.
  • Fold each sleeve over the back of the jacket, slightly overlapping the shoulders in the middle.
  • Fold the bottom half of the jacket over the top half with the bottom sleeve tucked into the bottom of the collar.
  • The Shoulder Tuck - This is also a fairly well-known way to fold a jacket that gives you a flat fold with fewer creases than the shirt fold.
    • With the jacket face-down, work one shoulder inside out and fold it over the back of the jacket similarly to the shirt fold.
    • Fold the other shoulder over the back of the jacket and tuck it into the inside-out shoulder. The sleeves should lie inside the reversed shoulder, straight along the length of the jacket, one atop the other.
    • Fold the jacket in half from the bottom.
  • The Jacket Roll - This one avoids the final folding of the jacket in half and the extra crease that might cause.
    • Use the shoulder tuck technique to fold the jacket, but don’t fold it in half at the end.
    • Instead, roll the jacket like a sleeping bag.

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