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The Secret to Always Looking Your Best

Posted on February 06 2020

confident and fashionable man looking his best

We’ve recently told you in the blog about “
3 Ways to Look Great That Have Nothing to Do With What You Wear” and “How to Look Better in Anything You Wear”. But a recent image of Brad Pitt pointed out that we may not have given you the real secret of always looking as good as you can.

To get you up-to-speed on the Pitt pic, Brad’s wearing a neon sweater (we thought neon went out before it even came in...) over a dishevelled roll of t-shirts, under a slick deep red cardigan, accessorized with a dark green knitted scarf and a perfectly brown floppy pork-pie hat - all sitting atop distressed blue jeans.

And after all that, he still looks fabulous. 

But many of the rest of us might not look so good in such an eclectic ensemble. Indeed, we fear we’d look absolutely ridiculous and would never even try a combo like that.

And in that last point, the one about ‘fear’, lies the secret.

What’s the Secret to Always Looking Your Best


That’s it. Confidence.

And if you want to see it in action, check out the image of Pitt dressed in all white from an Esquire article titled “The Most Iconically Awful Celebrity Outfits Ever”.

There’s one difference, beyond the fashions he wears, between the two images of Pitt. 


Sure, you say, it's easy for Brad Pitt to look confident, he’s got a bajillion dollars and is rakishly handsome. To that, we say: well, yes he is and you are correct.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to be more confident about yourself and look your best.

Here are a few quick tips.

  1. Be Kinder to Yourself - Your inner voice can be a confidence killer. Try to consciously listen to it and, just as consciously, change the dialogue more towards what you might say to someone else.
  2. Don't Fear Mistakes - We’re all worried about making a mistake, yet we all make them anyway. But fear and worry can make us doubt ourselves.
  3. Smile - Very often we are burdened by the stress and concerns of life. Many studies show that simply smiling can improve your outlook, and that can help you maintain and project confidence.
  4. Give - Whether it’s money to a charity, time to a favourite cause, or just buying a coffee for the person behind you in line, it feels absolutely wonderful. 
  5. Be Ready for It to Not Work - Guess what? You’re not going to read this blog post or even an entire book on the subject, and immediately start looking great for the rest of your life. There will be downtimes, mistakes and bad hair days that you just can’t ‘confidence’ your way out of. The more prepared you are for them to happen, the easier they will be to get over.

Dressing for your body type can help you look better too. Check out our recent article “Tips for Choosing the Right Business Suit for Your Body Type”.