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3 Ways to Look Great That Have Nothing to Do With What You Wear

Posted on September 23 2019

3 Ways to Look Great That Have Nothing to Do With What You Wear

Why do you take the time to dress well? You may have many of your own reasons, but chances are you want menswear that makes you feel better - and reflects how you feel. You want to look your best. And you like being on point fashion-wise.

Whether that reasoning works for you, or you have reasons that are entirely your own, they are all important enough for you to invest wisely in everything you wear, from fitted suits, to the cufflinks on your shirts.

But what if you could kick it up a notch? What if you could look even better, or have your wardrobe give you even more confidence, or just feel better in your clothes? 

How to Look Better in Everything You Wear

Researching, shopping and choosing the right menswear is really just one step in presenting the best you to the world.

  1. Take Care of Yourself - At risk of sounding like yet another voice in the crowd telling you to eat a balanced diet and get more active, we’d like to say this: eat a balanced diet and get more active. But here’s our twist. We know that no one will read a sentence like that and immediately rush out, start jogging and swap out pizza for kale in their diet. Instead, just make a start. Do one thing today, or this week or this month, that can help improve your health. Getting started is the hard part, but you don’t have to let it get in your way.

  2. Give of Yourself - It’s easy to see why the exercise/diet advice can help you look better in your clothes, but how does “give of yourself” do the same thing? While health foods and regular exercise help your body get into better shape, being more generous, charitable and giving of your resources and time (and even going to see your Mom more often counts!) will do wonders for your mind, self-image and outlook. And all of it will shine through in everything you wear.

  3. Be Grateful - While you’re in a giving spirit, practice gratitude for everything you have. Yes, we all face those moments, even days, when it’s tough to find anything in your life that’s going well - and it shows in your body English. Consciously considering those things for which you are grateful is about more than just giving thanks, it’s about having a more positive attitude to the things and people around you. Imagine how much better you will look and feel when everything and everyone looks better to you.

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