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4 of The Best Men’s Fashion Rules to Ignore

Posted on March 01 2021

There’s no place where the old adage “rules are made to be broken” works better than in men’s fashion. In a way, you can only truly have your own style by bending or blowing up, the accepted rules of fashion.

That said if you’ve heard of the following rules, and follow them because you think you should, but think you’d look sharp if you broke them, then it's time to sharpen up!

You Can Break These Men’s’ Fashion Rules

You don’t need to become a rebel here, it pays to pay attention to rules and rule-breakers alike. But feel free to contradict these notions.

  1. Navy & Black Don’t Mix - We think this one may have come from graphic design or something similar, where dark blue doesn’t show well on black and vice versa. But black shoes, a black belt, heck, even a black shirt, will work with a navy blue suit all day long - and we can’t wait to see what tie you choose for the black shirt!

  2. Brown & Blue Don’t Mix - OK, we have absolutely no idea where this one came from. But if you’ve ever enjoyed wearing your tan-coloured cap toes with your favourite blue suit, or brown slip-on with your blue jeans, you just keep working it.
  3. Double-Breasted Suits are Only for Skinny Guys - Well don’t tell Don Cherry! Perhaps the thinking is that the double rows of buttons create width, or the lapels cross instead of going straight down. If you put on a double-breasted suit and feel like heading out, then off you go.
  4. Shoes & Belt Must Match - We think this one is just out of time. It's a hold over from an age when men didn’t head out in dress pants and white low-tops. Can you imagine that matching belt?

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