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4 Menswear Travel Tips for Fall/Winter

Posted on August 19 2019

Important Menswear Travel Tips for Fall/Winter

Whether you’re planning a trip this fall to avoid the summer tourist rush, or a winter getaway down south, the following menswear travel tips will help you travel efficiently, comfortably and in style. 

Fall & Winter Menswear Travel Tips

Use one or more of the following tips to improve your next travel experience.

  1. Get the Right Luggage - Making do by overstuffing a backpack or lugging a half-empty suitcase isn’t OK anymore. Yes, it's important to pack light, but it's just as important to have luggage fitted to what you’re packing; not over- or under-packed.

  2. Dress for Comfort on the Plane - Hey, even executive class isn’t the most comfortable way to travel, and neither are tight jeans. Choose comfortable, casual pants and slip-on footwear. Layer your top half with an undershirt, dress shirt and blazer that’ll keep you comfy no matter what the plane’s AC system delivers.

  3. Pack Accessories for Versatility - We’re talking items like a scarf that can help if you’re in cooler climes, or if you need a pillow on the plane. Pack a light sweater in addition to your blazer. If it's warm, you don’t need to wear any of them. If there’s a surprise cold snap, the layers of undershirt, shirt, sweater, scarf and jacket will keep you toasty.
  4. Practice Versatility in Footwear Too - Yes, you want comfortable shoes for walking, but you’re probably not going to be able to wear your gym shoes to anything but the most casual dinners. Also, remember to choose waterproof shoes. And if you need more than one pair of shoes, save packing space by shoving your socks and underwear in them.

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