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Menswear Style Check: 7+ Wardrobe Essentials

Posted on February 18 2020

7 mens wardrobe essentials

Whether you’re just starting to develop your menswear wardrobe or your walk-in closet is sorted by colour, season and occasion, it's always good to do an occasional style check to make sure you’re on point.

7+ Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

Every man will have what he feels are essentials for his wardrobe, and they might be different from the next guy’s essentials. So, while this list isn’t definitive for everyone, you can use it as a basis for coming up with your own personal list of essentials.

One more thing. We consider the following to be essential because, if your wardrobe consisted of only these items, it will serve you well in just about every situation.

  1. A Business Suit - It doesn’t matter if you freelance as a graphic artist and never see the inside of a corporate office, you need to look snappy when it’s time to look snappy.

  2. A Blazer & Dress Pants - If you coordinate this properly with your suit, you’ll instantly have a few combinations so no one will ever know you only have one or two proper outfits.

  3. A White Dress Shirt - Not only does this work with your suit, blazer or dress pants, but you can also give it double and triple duty by combining it with a pair of casual pants or jeans.

  4. Casual Pants - Again, these can go with your blazer for a more formal look, or they can dress-up your jeans for a night out.

  5. T-Shirt & Jeans - If these aren't already in your wardrobe, we’re not sure how you got this far without them. The versatility here is endless, from working around the house, to shopping and shooting hoops.

  6. A Sweater - Hey, this is Canada; it gets cold. You need to stay warm and look cool.

  7. Dress Shoes & Casual Shoes - Maybe you need three pairs here. More formal dress shoes for the suit, or to upscale a more casual outfit; a mid-range style, like a pair of chukkas; and a pair of athletic shoes in which to walk, exercise and play.

If you want to learn more about building and maintaining a great menswear wardrobe, check out our post about how to dress for different business situations.