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How to Dress for Different Business Situations

Posted on January 06 2020

How to Dress for Different Business Situations

If you need to regularly wear a mens’ suit to work, You should have at least 10 complete suits in your wardrobe. That way, you’ll never have to repeat a suit in any one week, even if some are at the cleaners. You can include seasonal summer and winter options. Combined with your shirts, ties, pocket squares and shoes, it all adds to mean that no one should feel that you wear the same suit very often.

In addition to the full suits, we recommend at least three blazers, in blue, grey and brown/tan, and at least as many pairs of dress pants that can be mixed and matched with the blazers.

Now that you know how your business wardrobe should be stocked, the only question is when you should wear certain suits to get the most advantage from your wardrobe. 

Menswear for 3 Business Scenarios

Here are our suggestions for dressing for success in these common business situations.

  1. Everyday - We’ve already touched on this, but we want to make sure it's clear. If anyone gets the impression that you “wear the same suit all the time”, it can look like you’re “mailing it in” - and that can translate to other parts of your corporate reputation. Keep cycling through everything you have.
  2. The Big Meeting - Whether it's the pitch for the next big contract, or the annual industry awards, it's time to take no prisoners. Nothing but your best-fitted suit, shirt, shoes and accessories shirt will do. Make sure everything is wrinkle-free. And, while this isn’t the time to wear that funky tie, you can still hit it out of the park with a carnation boutonniere. 
  3. On the Road - Unfortunately, you can’t take your entire wardrobe with you. What you pack depends on the length of the road trip. You may be able to get away on an overnighter with a couple of blazers and dress pants. For longer stays of a few days, we suggest two sets of blazer/pants combinations, one full suit, with shirts, shoes and ties as you feel are necessary. 

Want to learn more about looking great in your business wear? Check out our article “The Right Way to Care for Men’s Suits”.