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How to Rock Men’s Winter Style

Posted on February 20 2019

Ed's Fine Imports shows how to rock men's winter style

Whether you love winter, or love to hate it, one thing’s true. It’s tougher to look stylish under jackets, toques, boots and mittens than in summer’s multi-coloured, widely-varied wardrobes. But that doesn't mean you can’t can’t show a unique flair for men’s winter styles.

The basis for stylish winter men’s wear is to dress for the season. No one finds it fashionable when you show up a light jacket in the middle of a snowstorm. Your winter wardrobe should be comfortable and warm. And stylish.

Men’s Winter Style Tips

  1. Dress in Layers - Sure, you’ve heard it before, but have you seen it as a fashion opportunity? Dressing in thinner layers, versus wearing bulkier winter coats over single layers, helps keep you warm by trapping air between each layer. Those layers of air help to insulate you.
    Always thinks in terms of three layers.
  • A Base Layer - Something that keeps you dry, like an undershirt or t-shirt
  • Insulating Layer - Something that keeps heat in, like a sweater, cardigan, vest, men's suit jacket or sports coat.
  • Top Layer - Winter jackets and coats

Too many layers get unwieldy, uncomfortable and tend to make you look bulky. Too few layers are, well, not layering. But can you see the opportunities here?  As you remove your stylish overcoat to reveal perfectly coordinated colours and textures in a cardigan and dress shirt?

  1. Headgear, Gloves and Boots - Staying with the ‘form follows function’ approach of being warm and comfortable as you look stylish, you’ll need to make some decisions on how to keep your extremities that way.
    First, for your hands, leather gloves should do the trick, unless it’s extremely cold, or you’re enjoying an outdoor activity, like hitting the slopes.
    Considering you lose more of your body heat from your head, a baseball cap isn’t winter-stylish. A basic black toque is a versatile choice. Newsboys and trapper hats are mainly for casual wear, but can work in more formal situations. If you want to be strictly formal, a wool felt fedora or homburg is the ticket.

On your feet, you need something that is waterproof, warm and gives you traction. And it can’t look like a typical winter boot. Fortunately, there are a number of new boot styles that are difficult to tell apart from dress shoes. Look for soles with traction, and interior lining for warmth, and the waterproofness.

  1. The Scarf - You didn’t think we’d leave this staple winter style icon out, did you? You have full license to choose what works for you here. If there are any rules, use the ‘drape” style of wearing a scarf inside your jacket in more formal situations.

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