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Men’s Fashion Trends for the COVID-19 Summer of 2020

Posted on June 02 2020

Men’s Fashion Trends for the COVID-19 Summer of 2020

They went down the catwalk in the summer of 2019. So most men’s fashion trends for summer 2020 are from the long gone days before COVID.

They’re worth a look. As always, there are hits and misses. But there’s no denying that many of them were designed for a time when people worked in offices, dined out and had social lives that weren’t conducted in a Zoom call. 

As we get into the COVID summer of 2020, the reality is quite different. So we decided to put together our own list of men’s fashion trends for what may be the most remarkable summer of our lives.

3 Menswear Trends for Summer 2020

Actually, there is only one trend. Casual. You probably don’t need business wear. All the weddings are off. And if you somehow manage to get an invitation to a socially-distanced gallery opening, no one’s going to lower your score for going casual.

Here’s our men’s clothing trends for Summer 2020.

  1. White Jeans - From The Beach Boys to Wiz Khalifa, white jeans have always been a classic. If you’ve never tried the look, there’s no better summer than 2020. The lighter colour makes them cool enough for daytime, and they transition smoothly into the evening.
    34 Heritage - Courage Straight Leg Pants in Pearl Commuter

  2. Colourful Collared Shirts - The base of white jeans means you get to go wild with shirt patterns for contrast. The collar gives things a modicum of style while also adding the daytime/nighttime versatility.
    Robert Graham Men's Button Up Short Sleeve Dress Shirt- MPH

  3. Fashion Face Masks - Yes! Exclusive to the summer of 2020 (we hope!). You’re ready for anything in these stylish, but not attention-demanding styles.

We hope you and your family stay safe and healthy this summer. And that you look your casual best all summer long.

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