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Men’s Fashion Tips for a Pandemic

Posted on May 19 2020

Men’s Fashion Tips for a Pandemic

Just about the best way any of us can help out during the COVID pandemic is to stay home and take care of ourselves and our families. 

But, after many weeks at home, you might be getting a little anxious. You have so much time, but not so much to do because you need things that you’d have to go out for.

So we thought we’d do our part to help find things you can do while you’re home, so that you stay right there!

4 Men’s Fashion Tips for COVID -19

Here are just a few fashion-related things you can do with all that time on your hands. 

  1. Stay Home - Did we say that already? Yup. But some people just aren't getting the message. So it bears repeating as often as it takes. How is it fashion related? Check out point number two.

  2. Go Wild with an Outfit - One of the ways you can always set yourself apart from the menswear masses is by coming up with your own, unique style. Is there something you haven’t worn in a while because you think it isn’t “on-trend”? Or do you have a shirt and jacket combo that you would never pair up in public?  Now’s the time to try it out. No one’s looking. Wear them while you WFH, or at dinner time. And, if you want to know if it works, just ask yourself. If you feel good in your creative new style, it works.

  3. Make a Fashion-Forward Face Mask - The U.S. CDC says everyone should wear them. Justin Trudeau says they will stop you from “speaking moistly”. Here’s how to make a face mask from a t-shirt or handkerchief, without no sewing involved.

  4. Grow a Beard - This is another “no one’s looking” opportunity. If you’ve always wanted to try to grow a beard, now’s the time. Already have a healthy beard? Turn it into a Van Dyke, or some classic mutton chops.

If you want to learn more about coming up with a personal fashion style, check out our post “4 Tips to Develop Your Personal Men’s Clothing Style”.