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4 Tips to Develop Your Personal Men’s Clothing Style

Posted on January 15 2020

Clothing piece laid out as an example of the 4 tips for developing personal men's clothing style

Not every man is born with an eye for fashion. The lucky thing for those who have always struggled to find a personal men’s clothing style is that they could always just hide behind a standard men’s suit, a golf shirt and chinos, or a t-shirt and jeans. 

If you like the idea of having a more personal clothing style, but don’t know where to begin, fear not. We’re here to help.

How to Develop Your Own Menswear Style

First of all, this isn’t going to happen overnight. But if you take it one step at a time, you can have a style of dress that’s all your own, one that reflects your personality and helps set you apart from all the guys wearing golf shirts.

  1. Dress for Your Body Shape - We are all inundated with media images of sharp-dressed men. But that doesn’t mean that you can buy the same outfit and get the same look. Your body type is a big reason why. There are at least four different basic men’s body shapes and you can find out how to dress for them here.

  2. Look for Clues  - You need to know what your clothing style preferences are. Start noticing the different styles worn by others, and what you like and don’t like. It might be an actor, athlete or someone you work with. But don’t take the shortcut and simply imitate their style. Assemble your own look.

  3. Make a Plan - Even if you get a good idea of a style that will work for you, it can still be difficult to know where to begin. Try to find one piece of clothing that can be your starting point. There may be a blazer that can work with some elements of your existing wardrobe. Or a perfectly fitted business suit you can wear occasionally. From there, decide where you need the most help. Are all your shirts baggy? Do your pants’ cuffs touch the floor? Make a plan to fill in the gaps.

  4. Get Professional Style Advice - As we said, you may not have an eye for fashion. Even if you manage to identify elements of a style that works for you, it's not always easy to bring it all together on your own. Not only will a menswear expert help you find what you’re looking for, but they can also show you options for things like fit, fabrics and accessories that complete your entire new look.

If you want to learn more about choosing clothing for your body type, check out our article “Tips For Choosing The Right Business Suit For Your Body Type”.