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Make a Statement with Your Fashion Accessories

Posted on September 30 2016

Make a Statement with Your Fashion Accessories

With an ever wider selection of fabrics, patterns, colours and designs, men enjoy a wider range of fashion options now than ever before. It makes reflecting your own style, taste and personality a little easier than when your choices were limited to a blue blazers and grey dress pants.

But still, especially in the office, even an up-to-date men’s wardrobe can still fall into the “what tie will I wear today” routine.

But fear not, there is an easy way to put more personality in your office wear and to put more fun into choosing what you’ll wear each day – and it can work with every suit, jacket and pants combination in your wardrobe.

Accessorize to Set Your Style Apart from the Rest

If there is any one part of men’s fashions that has really expanded more than others to offer a wide variety of options, it’s accessories. Here are a few ideas for adding different accessories to your wardrobe to take some of the routine out of what you wear to the office, or on a night out.

  • Bowties – If you’re at least a little adventurous in your fashion choices, you’ve probably owned at least a few bowties. It’s time to take another look at this timeless classic. You’ll find a wider variety of colours and patterns than ever before to help you change the routine or perk up your Monday morning blues.
  • Cuff Links – This is where you can have lots of fun. From expressing your love of your favourite sport, like soccer or golf, to sporting automobile gauges and musical instruments, newer styles of cuff links let you get as radical as you want.
  • Tie Bars & Chains – Just wearing a classic tie bar or chain is a bit of a statement in itself, but when yours features a hockey stick, or Swarovski crystal, it’ll get noticed.

Ties and socks have been a way for men to get a little ‘crazy’ with a standard suit and tie. Now men can have even more fun with accessories!