Heritage shorts

Posted:May 25 2017

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Heritage shorts We know a lot of our customers rave about the heritage jeans but have they experienced our Heritage shorts? The high quality denim and the easy fit are just as the jeans. The variety of colors is even more then the jeans so we expect people will pick up more then one pair…. Read More

Donald Trump Offers Some Men’s Fashion Tips

Posted:May 24 2017

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Hey, Donald Trump, did you read our last post on how to dress for black-tie events? OK, probably not, but among other similarities, the tuxedo and accessories he wore for the recent inauguration balls sported many of the tips we mentioned in the post. Black jacket with a peaked lapel (his lapels were black satin)…. Read More

What is it With the Trump Administration and Bad Tie Wearing?

Posted:May 16 2017

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First, we want to make sure that this blog post and our previous fashion critique of Donald Trump’s inauguration outfits, which was mainly positive, are in no way considered to be political comments.  We’re just keen observers of fashion, and when you can’t get away from images of the new U.S. president and his administrators,… Read More

5 Men’s Fashion Tips for Spring & Summer 2017

Posted:May 07 2017

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One of the best parts of living in a place that’s cold for half the year is that it feels fantastic every spring to make the big swap in your wardrobe from winter’s bulkiness to spring and summer’s lighter styles. While the spring and summer haute couture fashions ran down the runway last year, the… Read More

How to Look Better in Any Outfit

Posted:April 28 2017

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There’s more to looking great than putting on a great looking suit. Sure, a well-made, tailored outfit will make you look better than something off the rack, but it won’t make you look your best, or necessarily even give you the look you were hoping for. Looking Good on the Outside Starts on the Inside… Read More