Want to be a Sharp-Dressed Man? Get an App

Posted:January 31 2018

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If you really want to dress well and look your best, there’s nothing better than finding a great clothing store or tailor and get the expert advice that comes from them (BTW – we’re here every day except Sunday!). But sometimes you’re just walking the mall or out socially and you come across a shirt,… Read More

How to get Through a Freezing Winter in Style

Posted:January 24 2018

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As we write this post, it’s a ‘balmy’ 7 degrees outside, but the forecast is for -14 degrees by tomorrow night. Despite today’s temps, it’s been a particularly chilly winter here in Toronto this year and it doesn’t show any signs of letting up soon. When the weather gets into the double-digits below freezing, it… Read More

Men’s Fashion Trends for 2018

Posted:December 27 2017

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It’s that time of year again. The New Year means tons of predictions, which we never ever look back on to find out if they were right or wrong. Except in fashion. Generally speaking, what you see n the runway will have at least a strong influence on the fashions you choose from in the… Read More

Get Your Last-Minute Gift Ideas Right Here!

Posted:December 12 2017

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First, we’d like to send to all our customers, staff and associates our best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year. We love the holidays here at Ed’s. Not only do we get to see lots of customers, we also enjoy our Black Friday Sale, which was a great success. But… Read More

Introducing the Innovative New SAXX Underwear

Posted:November 30 2017

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If you haven’t guessed it already, today’s topic is men’s underwear.  Whatever you call them: skivvies, briefs, gotchies, boxers, tighty whities, under pants or foundation garments, there are three basic styles of men’s underwear. Bikinis/Jockstraps Popular with the ‘Disco Stu’s’ of the world, these are all show and little comfort or support. Briefs The ‘tighty… Read More