5 Men’s Style Guidelines for the University Graduate

Posted:April 18 2017

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Whether it’s official or not, you’re probably well aware that you’ve done it! You’ve survived at least four years of grueling schedules, too many parties, not enough study time and crazy exams. It’s all behind you now and you’ve got your diploma. Now what? If you can take some time off, great. If not, it’s… Read More

Why Quality Socks Matter

Posted:April 11 2017

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Pity your poor socks. You probably put more effort into buying the right briefs than you do socks. Beyond matching your pants and shoes, what do they matter? But, like everything else a well-dressed man wears, socks deserve more than a passing thought. And one thing’s for sure, cutting corners on sock quality will cost… Read More

Colorful, charming and bright

Posted:April 06 2017

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Colorful, charming and bright ….  I am not describing our ideal man ladies (unfortunately) but I am describing the new arrivals at Ed’s Fine Imports. Our spring line is spectacular, we love all of our options. We have a wide variety of short sleeves shirts as well as long sleeve that will add to any… Read More

The T-Shirt as a High Fashion Statement

Posted:March 24 2017

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We bet you can’t answer the following two questions about your wardrobe. How many t-shirts do you own? How many do you think you’ve owned in your life? (Can anyone answer that last one?) Even if you don’t regularly wear t-shirts, whether to wash the car or hit the club, you probably own more than… Read More

All new spring arrivals

Posted:March 17 2017

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All new spring arrivals in Fabulous men’s spring arrivals are in and when we say fabulous, we mean it. Light weight suits, all leather shoes, colorful t shirts, golf shirts, original saxx underwear,  Heritage shorts, short sleeve shirts, boys suits and accessories. We love our new arrivals and we know that you will too. Come… Read More