Don’t Look Now But Funky Socks are Everywhere

Posted:November 14 2017

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Until recently, sock designs have been, well, blah. Even boxer shorts enjoyed more design creativity and freedom than the lowly sock. Other than traditional designs like argyles, socks are usually a range of monotone blacks, browns and greys. Yes, a few decades ago, Michael Jackson brought socks to the forefront of fashion, but even those… Read More

5 Shirts You Need if You Like to Go Tie-Less

Posted:October 27 2017

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As we head into the “no-more-holidays-or-long-weekends-til-Christmas” part of the year, you might want to pick up your mood by checking your shirt wardrobe and filling in any gaps. If your company has a business casual dress policy, you know it’s not as easy as simply ‘no jeans’. Mastering the air-tie requires the right combination of… Read More

Free pants you said?!

Posted:October 25 2017

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Free pants you said ?! For the month of October Ed’s Fine Imports is giving away free pants with the purchase of any regular priced blazer We think this deal is exceptional. It allows our customers to walk out with a complete outfit. Our pant selection is the largest its ever been, large variety of… Read More

How to Stay Warm and Look Cool this Fall & Winter

Posted:September 26 2017

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Fashion is a unique combination of personal expression and practical necessity. Wearing clothes without the combination of the two can reflect badly on you. For example, considering the warmer clothing you’ll need in the upcoming months, if you dress purely for the practical purpose of keeping out the cold, you could look, well, let’s just… Read More

Are You Ready For TOM – Toronto Men’s Fashion Week?

Posted:September 12 2017

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If you’re kinda bummed by how short summer was this year in TO, maybe you should head to the upcoming Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TMFW). How will that help you get over the blues of summer’s end? You’ll be among the first to see the spring and summer 2018 menswear collections from many of the… Read More