2017: The Summer of the Men’s BBQ Shirt

Posted:July 20 2017

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Stop the presses and hold the phones. It turns out that the summer of 2017 will be known for more than being one of the wettest on record. There’s an emerging men’s fashion trend coming out of this summer – even though it doesn’t seem to have actually arrived. And the really good news is… Read More

Four Men’s Body Shapes & How to Dress for Them

Posted:July 09 2017

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Always on the lookout for men’s fashion and styling cues on the web, we came across this ‘Street Style’ shot and thought it looked great. That is until we realized that we wouldn’t look half as good in the outfit as the fit model who was sporting it. It’s a big style mistake to see… Read More

3 Easy Skincare Tips for Men

Posted:June 20 2017

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There’s more to looking good than just great clothes. Most men don’t pay much attention to skincare beyond slapping on some after shave. But, especially since summer’s finally here, paying at least basic attention to skincare will help keep you looking as good as the suits you wear. If nothing else, at least try these… Read More

Father’s Day here once again

Posted:June 07 2017

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Father’s Day here once again As Father’s Day approaches, we realize there is a lot of diverse feelings that surround this day, for some of us it is simply another day with our fathers. For others it is a day to remember how great he was. Whatever your reasons are for celebrating this day, we… Read More

Heritage shorts

Posted:May 25 2017

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Heritage shorts We know a lot of our customers rave about the heritage jeans but have they experienced our Heritage shorts? The high quality denim and the easy fit are just as the jeans. The variety of colors is even more then the jeans so we expect people will pick up more then one pair…. Read More