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How To Wear Sneakers In The Winter

Posted on December 21 2022

How To Wear Sneakers In The Winter

Most sneakers are not designed to withstand the snow. They could get damaged or simply not provide enough support, dryness or warmth for your feet.

And, chances are you would prefer boots to keep your feet toasty in cold weather. However, when you know you won’t be walking through slush or snow, you can still throw on some sneakers. 

Here are some tips for wearing sneakers in the winter. 

Wear High Tops

If you choose to wear sneakers, choose your high tops. Wearing low tops exposes your ankles too the cold. You can also wear higher socks with high-tops, giving your ankles that extra warmth they need. 

Choose A Dark Colour 

White sneakers, whether it be summer, fall, spring, or winter, get dirty easily. Since slush and snow can be dirty, choose a dark coloured sneaker so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your shoes or having them damaged. 

Choose The Right Material 

Try to wear a waterproof pair of sneakers. Some materials won’t be able to withstand any snow or slush. You can also purchase a waterproofing product to help try and protect your sneakers. 

Make Sure They Are Insulated

Winter shoes need to be insulated. You want your feet to stay warm, especially if you will be outdoors for a while. Make sure your sneakers have the proper lining to keep heat in. 

Wear Thicker Socks 

Even if your shoes are insulated, you may need some extra warmth on those extra cold days. Wear a thicker pair of socks with a heavier material, like wool, to give you the extra warmth. 

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