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Money Clip vs Wallet: Which One Do You Need?

Posted on November 16 2022

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Whenever you leave your home, regardless of where you're going, chances are you want to bring your credit card, debit card, or cash with you.

But it doesn’t stop there. By law you should always have your driver's license if you are operating a vehicle. And you need your health card in case of emergencies.

But choosing how you want to carry your personal belongings and ID can be tricky. 

Here’s how to choose between a money clip vs a wallet. 

What Do You Need To Carry?

Sometimes, you may just leave your home with some cash and a driver's license. If this is the case, then a money clip is ideal for you.

They will keep everything together and keep your belongings easily accessible. Since they can’t hold as much, you also won’t have to go searching for what you need.

But, if you have different credit cards, coupons, or identification cards, a wallet may be better. They can hold more and keep everything organized to your liking. 

Where Are You Keeping it?

The most convenient place to put your belongings tends to be in your pocket. This way, you can simply pat your pants or jacket pockets and know that your belongings are there. Money clips can easily fit in any pocket. They are small and compatible.

But, a wallet may not be able to fit into your pocket since if it's chock full of cards and cash. However, if you are keeping your wallet in a backpack or briefcase, a wallet can easily fit. So, establish a certain place where you want to keep your belongings before choosing a money clip or wallet. 

You Can Always Have Both

If you really can’t decide between the two, get both! You can keep your cash and most-used cards in your money clip, while keeping extra pieces of ID, credit cards, and coupons in the other. Although it can be a pain to have to locate everything, keeping your belongings organized will allow you to sort through both. 

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