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5 Stress-Lowering Tips for Business Travel

Posted on March 17 2020

5 Stress-Lowering Tips for Business Travel

Your first business trip is always exciting. Added to the fact that someone is paying for you to see somewhere new, it can also be seen as a step forward in your career - a chance to prove yourself. 

But, starting with your second business trip, the stress of travel rears its ugly head and each trip becomes a quest for how to make it all more tolerable.

Check Out These Business Travel Tips

Whether it's your first trip, or you’re on the road more than you’re at home, these tips can help make your business travel easier.

  1. Get a Good Toiletries Bag and Keep it Stocked - Part of the stress of business travel comes from getting ready to go. Do you have everything? Razor, socks, ties, tickets, brochures, business cards - you get the idea. One way to cut down on the list of things you need to carry is to keep a toiletries bag stocked with travel-sized grooming gear.

    Bonus Tip: Some travellers don’t even take their own toiletries if they know they can get temporary versions of everything from the hotel. Check before you go.

  2. Stick to Carry-On - No one likes waiting at the carousel for their bags to show up. Air Canada lets you take one carry-on bag (a small suitcase no larger than 55 x 40 x 23 cm) and one personal item (backpack, briefcase, etc., no larger than 16 x 33 x 43 cm). Put your more formal business clothes in the carry on bag and your toiletries, underwear and anything else that can tolerate getting stuffed into the backpack.


  1. Create a Roster of Essential Clothing - These can change depending on the length of your trip, numbers of meetings etc.. But, considering a sales trip of a few days to see a couple of clients, the following might do nicely, including daytime meetings and nighttime socializing. And they should easily fit into your carry-on limitations.
    1. A blazer
    2. A sports jacket
    3. One pair of dress pants
    4. One pair of chinos
    5. Two dress shirts
    6. A pair of dress shoes
    7. A pair of casual shoes
    8. Casual wear (shorts, jeans, golf shirts, t-shirts, as needed)
    9. Underwear and socks as needed
    10. Miscellaneous items as needed, including a hat, swimsuit, etc..

  2. Keep Your Dress Shirts in Dry Cleaning Plastic - It helps them stay wrinkle-free.

  3. Get Your Company to Spring for an Airport Lounge Membership - Waiting for your flight is stressful. Waiting for your flight at boarding gates crowded with 200 passengers and their luggage (and kids!) is ... sheer torture. Justify the expense by pointing out that you can get more work done.

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