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5 Pairs of Socks Every Man Should Have

Posted on April 13 2023

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Socks are often overlooked considering most of the time they are hidden. Although their main function is to protect your feet and keep them warm, they can help elevate your outfits as well. Not only do they add bits of your personality to an outfit, but you can have fun styling them. 

Here are 5 pairs of socks every man should have in their closet. 

Dress Socks

Whenever you’re wearing a suit or going to a fancy event, you can easily elevate your outfit with a pair of dress socks. They’re designed to be worn with dress shoes and come in various patterns and colours. When picking a pair of dress socks, make sure they cover your ankle when you sit down. This way your skin won’t be exposed. Allow yourself to have fun with the colours and patterns as well. 

Over The Calf Socks

Whether you are doing yard work or playing with your kids in the snow, over-the-calf socks help to keep not only your feet warm but also your legs. They are designed to stay up, so you won’t have to consistently pull them up. 

No-Show Socks

Whether you’re wearing loafers or a cool pair of sneakers, sometimes you don’t want your socks showing. No-show socks are exactly as they sound, they don’t show! So, when you want to wear a good pair of loafers, you don’t have to go barefoot.

Athletic Socks 

A good par of athletic socks can help keep your feet supported during your exercise. They provide your feet with extra cushioning, which is especially helpful if you are doing high-intensity workouts. If you find your feet hurting throughout the day, they can also be used for on-the-go activities. 

Plain Black Socks 

Sometimes, you need a plain pair of socks to match a neutral outfit. Plain black socks are ideal to have incase you need to quickly tie an outfit together. 

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