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Different Types of Belts You Need In Your Closet

Posted on March 24 2023

Different Types of Belts You Need In Your Closet

Every man needs a belt in his closet. Whether you wear them to work, a casual lunch, or a formal event, they help to accentuate any outfit while making pants fit better. If you have one belt for every occasion, then it may be time to buy one more. 

Here are some of the different types of belts you need in your closet.

Dress Belt 

For more formal occasions, these belts should be kept in excellent condition, and not worn too often. Usually, a dress belt will be black so it suits different outfits. You could also choose a brown belt if you tend to wear more navy or coloured suits. To help decide between black and brown, simply see what colours you wear often, and which belt matches them best.

Casual Belt 

If you tend to wear jeans more often, then you should have a casual belt. These can be worn to casual lunches, family gatherings, or if you are going for dinner with your friends. The casual belt will look good with jeans and can accentuate your outfit while keeping it relaxed. 

Textured Belt 

Textured belts are ideal to have if you are going to a more laid back, fun event. They could have a woven pattern or little pops of colour. Although you may not be able to wear these everyday, they are beneficial to have when you need a belt to help pull your outfit together. 

Fabric Belt 

You don’t always have to go for the traditional leather belt. Choose a different fabric so you have a belt on a warm sunny day or when you are doing some work around your home. Certain fabrics aren't as easy to get dirty or damaged, which is ideal for these occasions. 

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