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Four Men’s Body Shapes & How to Dress for Them

Posted on July 09 2017

Four Men’s Body Shapes & How to Dress for Them

Always on the lookout for men’s fashion and styling cues on the web, we came across this ‘Street Style’ shot and thought it looked great. That is until we realized that we wouldn’t look half as good in the outfit as the fit model who was sporting it.

It’s a big style mistake to see an outfit on a model and automatically think that you’ll look the same in the outfit. It’s because we all have different body types and, instead of choosing an outfit just because it looks good, you should start looking for fashions that look good on your particular body shape.

Four General Men’s Body Shapes and Tips for Dressing Them Well

We all come in different shapes and sizes. Here are four general shapes with fashion tips for each one.

1. The Trapezoid

This might be considered the ‘average’ shape, if one exists. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to stay relatively slim and you’re moderately active, you’ll probably be in this category.

Body Shape: Average height. Shoulders are somewhat wider than your gut; no ‘pot belly’ to speak of; lean legs and some muscle definition; but by no means ‘chiselled’.

Fashion Tips:
  • You have it easier than most, so go with it
  • Try tapered trousers and jackets to make the most of what you have
  • Be careful with baggy or oversized clothing. They can look ‘baggy and oversized’ on you.

2. The Triangle

If your waist is wider than your shoulders, this is probably your category. You need to take more care in choosing your clothing because most of it is not designed for this body shape.

Body Shape: Wider waist and stomach; rounded shoulders; average to below average height.

Fashion Tips:
  • In a suit, stay away from double-breasted styles which add bulk to your mid-section
  • If you wear a print, go for vertical strips and patterns to accentuate the height of your body
  • Choose darker colours, like black, navy and charcoal

3. The Rectangle

If you are able to stay slim no matter what you eat. And can work out all day long without building a single muscle, this could be you.

Body Shape: Thin or at least narrow build, without a ‘trapezoid’ or ‘V’ shape in your upper body.

Fashion Tips:
  • You need to add shape where none exists.
  • Try slim trousers with a layered knit sweater to create contrast between upper and lower body
  • Get your tailor to narrow the sleeves of your jackets to make your torso look bigger

4. The ‘V’

Even if you’re a regular at the gym, can bench press what most other guys weigh and are considered well-built, it doesn’t mean you’re home free on the fashion front.

Body Shape: Broad shoulders, slim waist, muscular arms and legs that are larger in proportion to the rest of your body versus other body types. Muscle definition throughout.

Fashion Tips:
  • You’ll need to try on more off-the-rack shirts in search for those that can accommodate your shoulders and upper body without looking unusually stretched.
  • Watch out for too tight trousers because your larger dimensions can stretch them to the point of being, well, too tight.
  • Your tailor should be expert at making jackets that avoid the ‘too-tight-in-the-shoulders’ look.

No one should be ashamed of their body shape no matter what it is. The more you dress to suit your shape, the better you’ll look and feel when you step out. Drop by to see us here at Ed’s and we’ll be happy to set you up with a complete wardrobe of clothing that makes you look your best.