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A Complete Men’s Work-From-Home Outfit

Posted on February 04 2021

A Complete Men’s Work-From-Home Outfit

Yes, we’re all hoping that things go back to normal this year. But, at the same time, we all are kind of concerned about just what that “normal” is. In any case, you’ll probably be working from home for the foreseeable future.

And if your stylish self is getting a little tired of traipsing around the house in a hoodie and boxer shorts, we’ve put together the ultimate men’s work-from-home outfit just for you.  

Try This Work-From-Home Clothing Combo

Selected for comfort with more than a dash of unique style, you’ll want to put together a few versions of this one.

  1. The White Dress Shirt - You got this one, right? Look around your next zoom call. Isn’t it time someone starts turning up the style dial a notch or six?

  2. Long Sleeve Quarter Zip Pullover - Why is it, no matter how much we insulate our homes, there’s still a draft? Whether you wear this breathable 100% cotton blend mock neck over your dress shirt, or on its own, you’ll stay warm, and look sharp.

  3. Luxury Leisure Pants - Those track pants from uni aren't as comfortable, or attractive, as you think. This cotton-polyester blend keeps its shape and style all day while offering you a level of comfort that’ll make you want to wear them that long too.

  4. Woven Slip-On Shoes -  Just the term “slip-on” exudes comfort. The lightweight construction, sheepskin footbed and rubber outsole combine to give you even “standing-desk” comfort. And the woven denim tumbled nubuck gives it remarkable style.

  5. Pink Swing Shift Boxer Briefs - Yeah, you know what we’re talking about. With a breathable Joey Pouchtm, innovative drip tip moisture control, and shrink-resistant, pill-resistant and fade-resistant fabric, combined with its liberating shade of pink, maybe you will want to walk around in your boxer briefs all day. 

If you care about underwear, find out more in our article “What’s the Difference Between Boxers And Boxer Briefs And Briefs?”.