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3 Tips to Keep Working From Home

Posted on July 21 2020

3 Tips to Keep Working From Home

We trust that by now you have a relatively standard work-from-home routine. Whether you developed your own schedule, or consulted one of the many online guidelines, having a routine around your workday at home is crucial.

So why does it still feel like you’re going stir crazy?!

First of all, you’re not alone. While some people have jobs that have allowed them to return to work, others are in their 5th month of working from home. For many, that's a good thing. They were able to make the adjustments relatively easily and/or they appreciate being at home.

But for others, working from home will never be their preferred way to work. Whether it's the buzz of a group of people working together, or simply the separation of work and home, you may be chomping at the bit to get back to the office - even while you can’t say for sure when that will happen.


How to Keep on Working From Home

For those who will be in the office the moment the doors are unlocked, we offer the following tips to get you through.

  1. Leave in the Morning - One of the aspects of working from home is losing contact with the outside world. While the summer’s a bit better for enjoying the outdoors, you still have the same four walls pressing down on you while you work.

    If this is you, it can help to get up in the morning, get dressed and head out for a walk, ride or drive, as if you were “going to work”, but, instead, maybe you’re just going for a coffee. The more time you spend out of the home, the easier it will be to appreciate working in it.

  2. Get Dressed - Maybe you don’t want to go full-on business suit and tie, but don’t hesitate to put some effort into dressing more properly a couple of times a week. Put on a dress shirt and business-casual pants, and more formal shoes than your running shoes.

    Maybe you can do it days when you have Zoom calls scheduled, or just every other day. In any case, it will help break-up the week and make you feel more like you did when you were working at the office.

  3. Leave Work at the end of the Day - Even though we’re almost all on 24-hour emails, working from home means you can be fully functional in your job at any time of the day or night. That can place a certain stress on you that you didn’t get in the office. Whenever possible, put off until tomorrow anything that can be put off until tomorrow.

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