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CEllis Rugby - LS / Polo - The Canadian Flag

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As Canada’s two main languages are English and French, it has long been influenced by not only the Commonwealth, but the French rugby community. As early as 1902, a Canadian XV toured the British Isles. And in 1908, the British Columbia rugby union team traveled to California to play the All Blacks.



An Introduction to Canada Rugby Union Shirt

Canada Rugby Union Shirt is a unique Shirt. It is designed in memory of the rugby league. There are many similarities between the early history of rugby in Canada and that of Canadian football. Many teams played many forms of games in Toronto. The teams also played in Halifax and Montreal from around 1823.

Rugby took a foothold in Canada around 1860. It took a foothold due to instigation by settlers from the British Army and Navy. The places for a foothold are British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Halifax.

In 1864, the first official game of rugby in Canada was staged in Montreal. The forces of artillerymen played the game. Fred A. Bethune and F. Barlow Cumberland gave the first detailed rules for rugby football in Canada. The officers of an English regiment played the first proper game of Canadian rugby. They played against local civilians. The officers were mainly from McGill University in 1865.

Alfred St. George Hamersley became the main responsible for the formation of rugby in Canada. Alfred is an England international. He had played in the first Calcutta Cup fixture in 1871. He captained England Rugby. Alfred also played an instrumental in introducing rugby in British Columbia. We created a vintage England 1871 Rugby Shirt. Also, we created a retro England 1871 T-Shirt. The T-Shirt celebrates the formation of international rugby in 1871.

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He helped and founded Vancouver RFC. He was also the first president of the British Columbia Rugby Union. Also, he became a member of the IRB Hall of Fame for his services to rugby.

The foundation year of Canada RFU is 1882. The two main languages in Canada are English and French. So the game got influenced by the Commonwealth countries. It also got an influence from France.

In 1902, a Canadian XV toured the British Isles. Besides, in 1908, the British Columbia rugby union team traveled to California. The team traveled to play the All Blacks. Canada experienced a significant interest in the game. But at the onset of World War, I stopped that. Only British Columbia and Nova Scotia continued to play the game. They played between 1914 and 1919.

In 1919, the Canadian Expeditionary Force took part in an Inter-Services Championship. The Championship was played in Great Britain among the few teams. The teams include Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa teams. Then in 1929, Canada toured Japan.

The Canada Rugby Union Shirt is manufactured from satin touch 100% cotton. The Shirt features detailed embroidery on the vintage Canadian Crest. Also, it matches the inner placket, cuffs, and collar. Besides, there is a herringbone detail on the vents and velvet tape on the neck opening. In addition, there is a complex ‘4’ applique patch on the back with the subtle Ellis Rugby. Further, there is branding on the collar stand and the tone logo on the arm.

We also offer a retro Canada Rugby Union Polo Shirt. Moreover, a heritage Canada Rugby Union T-Shirt is an inclusion in the offer.