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Why Quality Socks Matter

Posted on April 11 2017

Why Quality Socks Matter

Pity your poor socks. You probably put more effort into buying the right briefs than you do socks. Beyond matching your pants and shoes, what do they matter?

But, like everything else a well-dressed man wears, socks deserve more than a passing thought. And one thing’s for sure, cutting corners on sock quality will cost you a lot more than you think.

Socks have two important roles to play. First, they protect your feet from your shoes. Second they protect your shoes from your feet.

Stuffed into dress shoes all day, a man’s feet sweat heavily. Socks must wick away that sweat to keep your feet dry and comfortable. But that sweat can also damage your dress shoes, so socks should distribute the perspiration away so that it evaporates before damaging your shoes or before foot odour sets in.

The important roles that socks play are exactly why you don’t want to wear the stuff you find in the “3 pairs for $5” bin.

Good quality socks help you stay comfortable and look your best in a number of other ways too.

1. Sock Padding

Proper socks help to cushion the impact of walking on your feet and also stop your skin from rubbing on the inside of your shoes.

2. A Snug Fit

Wearing the right-sized socks is very important. Socks that are too small for your feet will be stretched too thin to provide the padding and moisture protection you need. Socks that are too large will bunch up inside and outside your shoes. That not only makes you feel uncomfortable, it takes away from the overall look.

3. Slim Fit

Dress socks must provide a slim fit to not over-crowd your foot inside your shoe and to avoid looking bulky outside the shoe.

4. Sock Colour & Style

This is where socks have really come into their own in recent years. No longer limited to blacks and browns, there now seems to be an endless variety of sock designs available to suit any taste or mood.

If you want to dress well and look your best, it doesn’t make sense to stop at your socks. You and your feet deserve better.