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What is it With the Trump Administration and Bad Tie Wearing?

Posted on May 16 2017

What is it With the Trump Administration and Bad Tie Wearing?

First, we want to make sure that this blog post and our previous fashion critique of Donald Trump’s inauguration outfits, which was mainly positive, are in no way considered to be political comments.  We’re just keen observers of fashion, and when you can’t get away from images of the new U.S. president and his administrators, it’s tough not to make an observation or two.

Here’s one: they don’t seem to know how to wear a tie.

Not only does Trump generally wear his ties too long (a fact that Jon Stewart spoofed), but others in his circle are showing signs of poor tiemanship.

Imagine this scenario

you’re the Press Secretary for the President of the United States. On most days, you hold a press conference that is not only broadcast nationally, but in the case of Trump’s Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, it’ll be closely watched around the world.

The camera will mainly show you from the mid-abdomen up. We mention that only to say, generally speaking, you could walk out in your boxers and sandals, but still look good on camera if you wear a jacket, shirt and tie.

So how will your tie look? Hopefully not like this:


If it seems like we’re being harsh; maybe. But you can never pay too much attention to looking your best, especially when you’re in front of the entire world, for only a matter of minutes, and your tie is just about the only thing you need to worry about as long as you have a half decent shirt and jacket.

And just in case you say, like many men will readily admit, maybe Sean Spicer doesn’t know how to tie a tie, just Google it to become an instant expert – in words, pictures and video.

The three things wrong with Spicer’s Tie

  1. It isn’t pulled up to cover the top of the shirt.
  1. The knot is tied improperly, which makes it lopsided.
  1. It’s off-centre in the collar.

Sloppy. But that should in no way be considered a political comment.