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Want to be a Sharp-Dressed Man? Get an App

Posted on January 31 2018

Want to be a Sharp-Dressed Man? Get an App

If you really want to dress well and look your best, there’s nothing better than finding a great clothing store or tailor and get the expert advice that comes from them (BTW – we’re here every day except Sunday!).

But sometimes you’re just walking the mall or out socially and you come across a shirt, jacket or pants and you’re just not sure if it would be a good choice. After all, there are so many considerations, including whether your discovery in on trend, will work for your body type and/or fits with your existing wardrobe.

So, considering you can’t have an expert personal stylist with you 24/7, check out some of the following men’s fashion apps for the next best thing.

1. Mod Man

While ‘over 100,000’ downloads doesn’t sound high compared to the latest games, it’s pretty good for an app that’s about “Men’s Fashion & Style”. Mod Man includes a closet organizer which you can use after you take pictures of your clothes and upload them to the app. From there, Mod Man lets you mix ‘n’ match your own wardrobe with clothes you’re shopping for, offers some fashion inspiration and suggestions and has a style planner so you’ll never have t worry about when was the last time you wore a certain shirt.

2. Mallzee

Billing itself as the ‘search engine for clothes’, (not sure why you can’t use a regular search engine), Mallzee is more like an online shopping mall for clothes, with over 150 fashion brands represented on the app.

3. Polyvore

If you want a way to share your fashion ideas, while checking out what everyone else is wearing, Polyvore is like the social media channel for menswear. In addition to sharing your own fashion ideas, you can post anything you find while you’re out shopping or socializing. With rave reviews from Huffington Post, Harper’s Bazaar and Refinery 29, and having a 4.7 user rating on Android, Polyvore is one of the most popular men’s fashion apps.

When you find inspiration on your fashion app, make sure to drop into Ed’s Fine Imports to make it happen.