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Sweater Weather Is Now Here!

Posted on November 15 2021

Sweater Weather Is Now Here!

It is now that time of year when the weather cools and all your sweaters come out of the closet. Sweaters come in many styles and countless fabrics that can cater to your personal preferences. It is also easy to keep your outfit looking put together while wearing sweaters. 

So, let's go over some sweaters you should have in your closet as colder months approach. 

Wool Sweaters

Wool is a great fabric that keeps you warm. Although it is known to be itchy, it is a great option for layering if you need extra warmth. Wool sweaters are also very stylish and can be easily dressed up in professional environments. 

Cashmere Sweaters

This fabric is known for its softness and warmth. Many men talk very highly about how outstanding cashmere can be during the warmer months. However, cashmere is a bit more costly, but a good investment. 

Crew Neck Sweaters

Crew necks are very simple and are easy to wear over top t-shirts. They are hoodies but without the hood. This makes them a bit more stylish as it keeps you looking more put together. On chillier days, you can layer a turtle neck under for extra warmth. 

Quarter-Zip Sweaters

Quarter zips are similar to crewnecks in the sense that they have no hood either. However, they allow the wearer to release any heat through the zipper near your chest. They are great for outdoor activities where you might need to cool down from exercise and can be easily styled. 

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