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Summer Trends In Men's Fashion

Posted on June 12 2019

wearings shorts above the knee is one summer trend in mens fashion

If there is one good reason for living in a place that’s cold for four months every year, it’s when you get the chance to check out the summer trends in men’s fashion!

And the most popular spring and summer trends are the ones that show up on the street after all the “Fashion Weeks” are done and gone


3 Trends in Men’s Summer Fashion

Some of these are perennial trends, others might be a complete surprise. In any case, think about adding one or more of them to your wardrobe to maintain your summer style this year.


  1. The T-Shirt - Ever since your grandfather started wearing them around the house after WWII, the t-shirt has not left the “summer trends” list of men’s fashion. This year, look for tees in bright, bold colours, with throw-back fits like those sported by Brando and James Dean, and a return to basic cotton.

  2. How Long are Your Shorts? - While the trend to the shortest shorts of the 70s and 80s hasn’t caught on with many other than the trendiest millennials, long “shorts” are still verboten. If you have any below the knee shorts left in your closet, well, maybe this isn’t the blog for you! All that said, this year seems to be the one when we finally settle the dispute over the best length for shorts with a mid-thigh to above-the-knee styles coming out the fashionable winners.

  3. And That’s a “Yes” to Socks & Sandals - Considering how far off the men's fashion trend list this has been forever, we’re going to take a “wait and see” approach on this one. Its that remoteness from anything even resembling style that makes it all the more surprising that socks and sandals are suddenly being sported by Kanye and Justin Beiber like they were a t-shirt. This one’s up to you, but definitely do your research before the tourist bus picks you up by accident.

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