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Please Stop Making These Menswear Blunders

Posted on August 23 2018

Menswear style mistakes | Ed's Fine Imports

Staying on top of menswear styles isn’t always easy. Sometimes new trends and fashions are right in your wheelhouse; like they were tailor-made for you. Other times, you wear a style that isn’t quite you, but you like to be on point.

But whether a menswear trend suits you naturally or you’re trying to force it, one thing is certain. No one looks stylish in a trend that’s had its day, or never actually made it.

Menswear Mistakes You Must Stop Right Now

Before we get into long-winded explanations, take a look at the following menswear blunders that make you look anything but stylish.

1. Anything Neon

If this is something that you feel was made for you, well, our condolences. Even if you’re able to stand the blinding glare of neon green or orange clothing, it’s a trend, not a style.

2. Cut-Off Jean Shorts

This might have worked when you were 12. But you’re a man now. Get a pair of proper casual or dress shorts please.

3. Popped Collars

Unless you’re feeling really cold, or it’s raining and you’re James Dean in Manhattan in 1955, don't pop your collar.

4. Too-Big Suit Jackets and Blazers 

If you’re still bucking the idea of a fitted suit or blazer, it’s you and Donald Trump against the world. Good luck with that.

5. Cargo Shorts

You can either be a cargo carrier, or stylish. We hope you make the right choice

6. Giant Fashion Logos

No none thinks you’re stylish, or cool, just because your t-shirt sports a massive “Gucci” logo. Unless you’re on Ralph Lauren’s payroll, stop advertising for them.

7. White Socks in Sandals

We’re going to have to stop after this one because we’ll need a time out. If you want to wear something on your feet under your sandals, at least choose no-show socks in a colour that is a muted contrast to your sandals. Think brown on black, or black on dark blue.  
Not white socks. 

We’re taking a deep breath and counting to three now.

One great way to always be stylish is to get great fashion advice. It’s always available here at Ed’s Fine Imports.