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Men's Suit Patterns for 2022

Posted on March 10 2022

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The relaxation of COVID restrictions on offices, restaurants and entertainment venues gives you two opportunities. First, you get to get out of the house more often. Second, and most importantly, you get to head out in style!

If the curation of your men's wardrobe has taken a bit of a hit recently, now's as good a time as any to get it back on track.

But, even if you have managed to keep the closet up-to-date, there's probably one item of clothing that has suffered more neglect than others. Your suits.

Don't sweat it, we're here to help.

3 Men's Suit Patterns for 2022

The trend away from solid suit colours in favour of more patterns started before the pandemic. But lockdowns didn't slow it down. Here are just a few of the latest men's suit pattern choices.

Charcoal Windowpane

This one is helpful if you never made the leap to patterns. The understated pattern makes it easy to wear to work or on the town. And you'll love the feel and performance of the Italian wool, which will keep you dry, inside and out.

Charcoal Check

One of the latest styles from renowned Canadian designer, Jack Victor, this suit spares no effort in workmanship, fabric quality and tailoring. The traditional pattern styling complements to contemporary fit for an undeniably elegant men's suit.

Grey with Blue Check

There's no mistaking the attention to pattern detail, and the overall quality of this suit. The trade mark Calvaresi fit, perfectly tailored and pleasantly comfortable, pairs nicely with the beauty and resilience of Italian wool.

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