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6 Tips for Men’s Style Over 40

Posted on July 15 2019

Fashionable advice for mens style over 40

It’s so difficult to let go. You’ve always been on the leading edge of the trendiest men's fashions. But time catches up to the best of us. And if you stick with the latest hipster trends, well, you can start to look a little, how shall we say, ridiculous.

But fear not, you can keep looking sharp with the following tips for men’s style over 40 

Fashion Tips for Men’s Style Over 40

The good news is that many of the latest trends can still work in your favour. The trick is to know which ones don’t. And that’s where we’ll start the tips.

  1. Stay Away from Street Wear - Say goodbye to baggy, low-rider jeans; over-stressed denim; neon anything; and t-shirts with luxury product logos like Gucci.
  2. Get Fit - Or at least as fit as you can get?! This might be the best advice we can give. Truth is, if you want to look as youthful as possible, while still dressing for your maturity and wisdom, nothing ruins even the best men’s fashions than a beer belly.

  3. Unless It's Full of Hair, Shave Your Head - It’s incredibly liberating. You can wake up with 5 minutes to go and walk out with perfect hair. And, no matter how much you think you’re fooling people into thinking your hair hasn’t receded, you’re not, and it shows.

  4. Keep it Buttoned Up - No man should expose too much chest, sculpted pecs or not. But it’s entirely out of the question for over 40s.

  5. Cut Down on the Jewellery - Being a bling tree might have worked back in the day, but when you reach a certain age, it just looks like you’re trying too hard. Be confident in yourself and your clothes.

  6. Buy Quality, Not Quantity  - When you were younger, even the stuff off the clearance rack looked good on you. But now that you’ve reached a certain echelon, you deserve better than that. And you can still keep it within a reasonable budget by investing in a few quality blazers, shirts and pants that you can mix’n’match for a number of different looks. 

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