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Men’s Fashion Notes from London 2016

Posted on January 22 2016

Men’s Fashion Notes from London 2016

Quick: name a fashion supermodel…

Chances are the names that first come to mind are all female. Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss, Karlie Kloss, Naomi Campbell and our very own homegrown Canadian, Linda Evangelista, would probably be among them.

The flip side of that coin is there are few, if any, male supermodels with household names.

That discrepancy carries on into the world of fashion shows. If anyone mentions the runways of Paris or Milan, few of us would immediately imagine men in the latest winter jackets and scarves traipsing down the catwalk.

The reasons for the difference are many, not the least of which is that women’s fashions tend to allow more design creativity, which makes for a more visually interesting show.

But fans of men’s fashion shouldn’t despair. The first major event of 2016, London Collections: Men (LCM), which ran from January 8th to the 11th, showed that the right creativity can add a dash of pizazz to even men’s fashion shows. Among some of the highlights of LCM:

Star Wars Influences – If there is an overall vibe to LCM, it is the unique juxtaposition of the traditional “Savile Row” stereotype of British fashion and the radical leading edge designs (think Beatles, Bowie and Beckham) for which London has been a birthplace over the last five decades. This year’s hottest film was reflected in the mainly black designs of Nasir Mazhar, some of which seemed inspired by Darth Vader.

Gender Neutrality – Whether it was a reflection of cultural shifts, or just meant to add some spice to the whole affair, Mazhar’s collection included a few androgynous pieces, many modelled by women.

All Ages Show – In addition to the blurring of the fashion lines between the sexes, men’s fashion can also lay claim to featuring fashions for a broader range of ages. More than a few “silver foxes” were spotted on the runways in a number of collections. Unfortunately for us all, the same can’t be said for women’s fashion shows.

If you’re a man who likes to dress well and look your best, the trends that popped up at LCM are a good sign that you can look forward to some new and interesting designs coming your way in 2016.