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Men’s Fashion Accessories Are Always in Fashion

Posted on March 31 2016

Men’s Fashion Accessories Are Always in Fashion

While it’s been a year since the last episode of the Mad Men TV show ended, the series will forever be remembered for starting a “retro” trend in men’s fashion. The suits worn by dapper Don Draper and his cronies helped to usher in a return to more fitted styles. But that wasn’t the only fashion trend that the show helped rejuvenate.

From the fedora hat, to a neat pocket square, you’ll be hard pressed to find as many men’s fashion accessories in use before Mad Men first aired, versus today.

Unlike women’s fashions, where there are many choices for business wear, men’s business fashions are ruled by the suit, collared shirt and tie combo. So the rebirth of men’s fashion accessories is a welcome way to add some variety to what you wear to the office.

Here’s a short list of accessories you can use to help sport a different look at the office:

Tie Clips and Bars

 The slimmer ties of the late twentieth century meant tie clips looked out of place and they fell out of favour. But wider styles have regained popularity and nothing draws attention to them like the right tie clip. Wear it between the third and fourth button of your shirt, at about your sternum

Tie Chain

Like a tie clip, tie chains are meant to keep your tie in place. Worn in a similar position as a clip, the chain doesn’t entirely restrict movement of the tie, but still keeps it from getting embarrassingly out of place.

Handkerchiefs and Pocket Squares

Two names for the same accessory. You can choose to wear your square neat, in a colour matching your tie, or more loosely in an interesting pattern or texture that fits with the latest trend toward mixed patterns and colours in men’s wear.

Whether you use them to be on trend, or you’re going for a more finished and formal look from the accessories you choose, have fun with them.