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How to Wear a Man’s Suit

Posted on September 06 2016

How to Wear a Man’s Suit

How to Wear a Man’s Suit

What is it about some men that makes them look great in the office or in the wedding photographs, while others nearby look, well, ordinary? Chances are high that those who stand out for dressing well are wearing their suit properly.

And we don’t necessarily mean that the suit needs to be particularly expensive or tailored specifically for you, although that’s the best way to look good in a suit.

Even in a tailored suit, you can still wear it in ways that don’t make you look your best – that set you apart. Here are just a few tips for how to wear a men’s suit s that you’re the one the others elevate.

1. Don’t Button Everything

On the suit jacket that is. When you do, you don’t look buttoned up, you looked trapped. On a two-button suit, button only the top button. On a three-buttoned suit, button the top two or the middle button only. Remember to get spare buttons with your suit jackets. The buttons you use all the time will probably need replacement before the buttons you don’t use at all.

2. Get it Fitted

Again, while bespoke is the way to go for the best fitting suit, you can look great in a suit that’s off the rack too – if its well-fitted. Even if you put on a jacket and it looks great except it’s a little tight in the shoulders – or other seemingly small flaw in the fit – that’s what stops you from raising the bar on how your suit looks. When you get into a jacket with even slightly ill-fitting shoulders, you think that’s the only issue. But something like tight shoulders can cause the entire suit to ride higher on your body than it should. In other words, any minor miss-fit can affect the look of the entire suit.

3. Accessories

No pun intended, but this might be the missing (cuff) link in sporting a more refined look. Everything, from the colour of your shirt (you’ll rarely spot a sharp-dressed man in anything but a white shirt) to your tie, pocket square and, yes, cufflinks, can change the entire look and feel of even the best-fitted suit.

If you want to learn more about what puts a suit ‘over-the-top’ for fit and feel, don’t be afraid to ask questions your mens’ wear store. Just make sure you ask them at the right menswear store – Ed’s Fine Imports!!