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How to Stay Warm and Look Cool this Fall & Winter

Posted on September 26 2017

How to Stay Warm and Look Cool this Fall & Winter

Fashion is a unique combination of personal expression and practical necessity. Wearing clothes without the combination of the two can reflect badly on you.

For example, considering the warmer clothing you’ll need in the upcoming months, if you dress purely for the practical purpose of keeping out the cold, you could look, well, let’s just say bulky and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, if it’s freezing cold outside, but you want to ‘express’ yourself in a light jacket over a t-shirt, you could look, we’ll, let’s just say worse than if you looked bulky and uncomfortable.

The Secret to Looking Good and Staying Warm? Layers

Ask to anyone who’s recently returned from a trek to the south pole about how to stay warm in winter and the first thing they’ll tell you is to dress in layers. Ask any men’s fashion stylist about how to dress well in layers and they’ll tell you the following.

1. Opt for a Loose Fit

When you’re layering, if any layer is too tight, it won’t look right because they layer below will poke through and make its presence felt. Also, one of the main reasons that layering works to keep you warm is the pocket of air that’s trapped between layers. If your layers are too tight, there’s no pocket of air and you somewhat defeat the purpose of layering.

2. Put Shades and Tones to Work

Layering looks better when it doesn’t look so much like layering. By using complimentary tones and shades of colour, you can create a seamless, unified appearance that makes the combination look like it was meant to be together.

3 Get Into Flannel

Unlike the versions your mother used to make you wear to school, flannel shirts are enjoying a fashion renaissance. In addition to more variety in patterns and textures, you can be warm in a flannel shirt and no coat on milder fall days or, with a long-sleeved T and jacket, you can stay comfortable on many winter days.

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