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How to Stay Cool and Look Hot This Summer

Posted on May 30 2016

How to Stay Cool and Look Hot This Summer

How to Stay Cool and Look Hot This Summer

Thankfully, the renaissance of fitted men’s fashions continues. After 20 years of baggy styles, it’s nice to have a different look, if only for the sake of change.

But there is a downside to the fitted trend and some of its symptoms can be felt most in the summer. For too many of us, “fitted” means “tight”. And when temperatures heat up, “tight” means “uncomfortable”.

While we’re not suggesting a return to baggy, there are ways for you to remain stylish and cool on hot summer days and nights.

1. The Polo/Golf Shirt

Yes, this is your granddaddy’s golf shirt. But just because it’s been around for a while doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a spot in your wardrobe. It’s versatile – on the links or out for drinks – and timeless. To stay faithful to the fitted trend, sleeves should come three quarters of the way down your biceps and the bottom of the shirt should fall no more than half way down your zipper.


2. Shorter Shorts

If all the shorts in your wardrobe are “cargo” style, falling below the knee with pockets on the sides of the legs, you need to make an addition – and maybe some deletions. Look for fitted, flat front shorts with leggings that fall no further than above the knee. Khaki greens and beiges will offer versatility and black can work in the evenings too.

heritage shorts

3. Linen Shirts / Suits

The real beauty with many of the suggestions here is that they are, simply put, comfortable clothing options. Few shirts or suits you ever own will be as comfortable on a hot summer’s day as a long sleeve linen shirt or two piece linen suit. Breathable linen will keep you cool as can be.

linen suit

4. Cotton Casual Pants

For the evenings or more formal lunches and dinners, light-coloured cotton dress pants will not attract the heat and still look good with a jacket or sports shirt.


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