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How To Plan A Bachelor Party

Posted on March 20 2019

Ed's Fine Imports shows how to successfully plan a bachelor party

From being in charge of the rings to delivering the best man’s speech during the reception, as the chosen best man for your friend's wedding, you have lots of critical responsibilities. One of the first is to organize and throw a bachelor party.

You probably won’t have the honour many times in your life, so the more you learn about how to throw a bachelor party the better.

Tips for Planning a Bachelor Party

The first bit of advice for a successful ‘stag’ is to start planning weeks before the party itself. With time on your side, you give yourself more time to book locations and activities and more chance of getting everything else done properly.

  1. Choose a Date That Works for Everyone - Of course, it must work for you, the groom and groomsmen. The date should also be relatively close to the wedding. The usual time frame is anywhere from two weeks prior to the night before the wedding.
  2. Ask the Groom What He Wants - You're planning it, but it's his party. Ask about what the would prefer, what activities the would like to include and who you should invite. Very often a bachelor party includes family members and friends who are not going to the wedding.
  3. Put Together the Guest List - Make a list of everyone you need to invite. You'll use it to not only send out invitations but to follow-up to get accurate numbers of attendees.
  4. Arrange the Bachelor Party Destination, Food & Accommodation - Whether the party is just something local for a few key people or a larger gathering, you may need to book a party room, arrange hotel rooms for visiting party guests and make sure everyone will have enough to eat and drink. When choosing a location, remember things like driving distances, especially if alcohol will be consumed.

Of course, you'll need to take care of things on the day of the event, so have your credit card ready for any last-minute emergencies, like a dress shirt for the guest who forgot his!

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