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How To Pick The Right Swim Trunks For Men

Posted on May 05 2022

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With summer around the corner, it is time to take out your swim trunks. If you haven’t purchased a new pair in a few years, it might be time to do so with all the new colours, patterns and styles. But, choosing the right pair can be a challenge. 

Let’s go over how you can pick the right swim trunks. 

Choose the right size and length 

Considering you are essentially choosing a pair of shorts, it can seem quite easy. But, you have to ensure the shorts are not too long or loose. The most common type of swim trunks tend to go right to your knee and not below. When you are deciding on the size, getting trunks with a drawstring can help you adjust them. One way to know if they fit is to put them and and squat down. If they still fit comfortably and are not too baggy, it's a good fit. 

Why are you getting them?

Are you wearing swim trunks to lounge at a pool or to swim laps at the pool? Whichever it is, you may choose a more tightly fitted swim trunk for swimming laps or a loser trunk for lounging. You may also choose different fabrics that dry faster or provide body-sculpting. This way, your swim trunks suit your water activities. 

Strategically choose colours and prints 

Keep in mind that swim trunks are similar to shorts. You want to choose colours that suit you and can match t-shirts or shirts you may be wearing. Having neutral swim trunks are always useful as they can match coloured or patterned shirts. If you want swim trunks with patterns, then it is best to choose ones that are in style. You want the swim trunks to last more than one season, so keep the trends in mind. 

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