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How to Make You Business Suits Last Longer

Posted on September 12 2018

How to Make You Business Suits Last Longer

Just in case you want to make every business suit in your wardrobe look old, all you need to do is buy a new suit. Instantly, all the suits that were perfectly fine up to now all look tired and worn.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You’re just a few steps away from keeping that new suit fit and finish for a lot longer for every suit you buy. Just like you can keep your car looking and running beautifully with regular maintenance and care, you can do the same for your business suits.

Ways to Make Your Business Suits Last Longer

Before we get into how to take care of your business suits, let’s eliminate on thing that makes the age prematurely. Most men dry clean their suits regularly to keep them looking their best. But dry cleaning exposes your suit to harsh chemicals and conditions that stress and wear out the fibres. Dry cleaning should be saved for when the suit is noticeably in need of a cleaning.

In between those cleanings, here’s how to keep you business suits looking like the day you bought them.

1. Spot Cleaning

First, like with the rest of your clothes, the sooner you get to a spill or fresh stain, the better. That said, a clean damp cloth is all you need to get rid of most spots on your suits, whether the spots are fresh or not. The secret to preserving the suit is to not rub too harshly. Instead, gently rub until the spot’s gone.

2. Use a Steamer Instead of an Iron

Another reason for taking the suit to a dry cleaner is to get rid of wrinkles. But a hand steamer does the job almost as well without damaging the suit. And irons might be the worst of all because they can actually singe individual fibres on your suit.

3. Get Good, Solid Wooden Hangers

If you’re hanging your suits on wire hangers, you’re doing as much as you can to help it loose it’s ‘like new’ shape. Not only does a good wooden hanger help the jacket keep its shape, they help the jacket to ‘air out’ which helps remove odours.

4. Use Suit Bags

You’ll have your seasonal rotation of business suits. For those that are not in the rotation, make sure they are stored in a suit bag on cedar hagers, which repels moths.

5. Invest in Quality Business Suits

If you’re going to invest any more time and energy in making you suits last longer, you should start with a good quality suit. Anything less will not keep its looks for very long, regardless of what you do.

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