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How to Look Better in Any Outfit

Posted on April 28 2017

How to Look Better in Any Outfit

There’s more to looking great than putting on a great looking suit. Sure, a well-made, tailored outfit will make you look better than something off the rack, but it won’t make you look your best, or necessarily even give you the look you were hoping for.

Looking Good on the Outside Starts on the Inside

A sharp-dressed man gets that way due to a combination of factors. It’s not until you put them all together that you will look your absolute best in any outfit.

1. Fitness

We’re not necessarily talking about rippling muscles here – hey, Dad bods are sexy. But keeping yourself in relatively good shape helps you look better in your clothes.

To get an idea of where you should be, Heath Canada recommends that you get two and a half hours of moderate to vigorous activity each week. And that’s just to maintain better health and body weight.

2. Posture

Even the trimmest bod can look less than great in a slumped stance. But your posture can be a little difficult to correct because there’s no hard measure of success.

If you find that you often hunch over, try to identify the times that it happens. If you look down at the floor or pavement when you walk, try looking straight ahead instead to force your head back. If you slouch at your desk or workstation, try raising the computer monitor to do the same.

3. Confidence

You’ll be further down the road to projecting a more confident presence if you manage to improve your fitness and posture. A well-dressed person is not only confident in their look and style, but they are also at ease with the person that they are.

Even if you’re fit as a fiddle, have the best posture ever and carry yourself with enviable confidence, you’ll still need a wardrobe that’s suits your personal style. That’s where we come in at Ed’s Fine Imports. Give us a shout when you’re ready to look great.