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How to get Through a Freezing Winter in Style

Posted on January 24 2018

How to get Through a Freezing Winter in Style

As we write this post, it’s a ‘balmy’ 7 degrees outside, but the forecast is for -14 degrees by tomorrow night. Despite today’s temps, it’s been a particularly chilly winter here in Toronto this year and it doesn’t show any signs of letting up soon.

When the weather gets into the double-digits below freezing, it can get difficult to dress both stylishly and warmly. But you don’t have to go through winter dressed like a polar explorer.

By combining fabrics and smart choices that are both warm and fashionable, you can make it through any winter in style. Here are a few men’s clothing essentials for winter:

1. Wool Overcoat

If you’ve never actually made the investment, this one will pay off from the moment you slip on the coat, and for many years after. The timeless wool overcoat is the flagship fashion statement of any winter wardrobe. And its versatility means it’s perfect for the office and a night out.

2. Wool Scarf

Sure, scarves are everywhere from September to March, but we’re talking -20 degrees here. While you may be able to button up your overcoat, a scarf lets you keep the lapels fashionably in place while still keeping your neck and chest warm.

3. Wool Trousers

Many dress and suit pants seem to offer little if any insulation from the cold. A few pairs of wool trousers will come in handy on the frigid days, and there’s nothing wrong with long underwear if it gets unbearably cold.

4. Cossack Hats

This is it, the only hat that keeps your head warm, even if you did become a polar explorer. Yet it’s style is still formal enough for work and funky enough for play.

5. Turtleneck Shirts

Turtlenecks go in and out of fashion every few years. And that makes them classic any time. This year, none other than Esquire magazine calls turtlenecks a ‘classic winter look that you can feel good about wearing in any given situation’. You need three; one for work, one for hanging out on Sunday afternoons and one for cocktail parties.

Now you have the tools to get through this winter in style. The best part about this winter? Now that the holidays are past us, it’s only a matter of time until spring gets here.