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Give it Up for Ties!

Posted on August 23 2017

Give it Up for Ties!

After our last post about how to get more mileage from a tailored suit by wearing them socially without a tie, we kinda felt bad. We really like ties and think that they’re an important part of looking your best, at the office or other more formal situations and occasions.

But ties have been taking a hit for the past few decades. The dressing-down trend in office wear traces its roots back to the eighties when the loose-tie look started to take hold. Casual Fridays emerged not long after. Today, on the t-shirt tails of the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs, you will be right at home in many offices in just about any outfit.

So where does that leave the tie? First, we definitely don’t see them making a comeback as part of a t-shirt and jeans/formal wear mash-up.

There are clearly two opposing points of view on the tie and what it represents. Those who, like the people who started the casual office wear trend back in the day, feel ties are a sign of conformity and they would rather choose to wear what they feel like and/or what they are more comfortable in.

The interesting thing is that the ‘conformity’ thing seems to have come full circle. Visiting many offices, in all different lines of business, it feels like you’re walking into a boutique ad agency or the IT department. Everyone’s in t-shirts, hoodies and jeans.

This sets things up nicely for those who feel ties actually help you make a statement because now they are the ones not conforming to a popular look.

If tie wearers still feel that their choice of style is under attack, they can take heart that fashion icons of all stripes have continued to rely on the simple tie to add flair and/or formality to their outfits. From local celebrities, like Drake, Justin Bieber and the Weeknd, to every NHL hockey player before and after a game, they’re all giving it up for ties.