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Get Rid of These Clothes Now to Make Way for Fall Menswear

Posted on August 30 2018

Get rid of these men's clothes in the fall | Ed's Fine Imports

Despite the bouts of heat and humidity, it’s been a fantastic summer here in Markham and the GTA. But, as all good things must, this summer is coming to an end. If there's anything good about the end of summer is that it's a great time to clear out your wardrobe of things you don’t want or need to make way for new fall menswear fashions.

But that’s way easier said than done. You throw open the closet doors with the best of intentions. You’re going to go through it like a boss, tossing everything in sight. But when the reality sets in, you find you can’t part with anything. You paid over a hundred dollars for that shirt. Those pants looked good in a photo someone shot one time. And your mother gave you that sweater.

Your Mens Wardrobe Purging List to Make Room for Fall Menswear

We know how difficult it can be. We’ve been there and will be again. With that appreciation of your challenges in mind, we’ve put together the following shortlist of things you should absolutely get rid of right now.

1. Pointy or Square-Toed Shoes

Want to know why these should never have been a thing? Take off your shoes and socks and look down at your feet. Are they square or pointed?
So get rid of your square-toed and pointy-toed shoes. They don’t make sense.

2. Everything That Doesn’t Fit

There was a time when that golf shirt with the sleeves down around your elbows looked great. But those days are over. Just in case you haven’t noticed, mens fashion styles are much more fitted now than they were 5 or 10 years ago.

3. Anything That You Bought Ripped

If you have a pair of well-fitting jeans that are so old, they’re tearing in parts; fantastic. If you bought a pair of pre-ripped jeans from the menswear department at The Bay, not so fantastic.
But what’s the difference? A tear is a tear, right? Wrong. When you wear jeans long enough to wear them out, that’s a great style. If you buy jeans that are already torn, you’re just being trendy.

Now that you’re going to have a little more space for new styles, visit Ed’s Fine Imports to see our fall fashion lineup.