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The Essentials of a Menswear Wardrobe

Posted on November 21 2018

Read about what the essentials of a menswear wardrobe is in today's article by Ed's Fine Imports

Regardless of how extensive your menswear wardrobe is, how much you spend on clothes each year or how on-trend you are, one thing is for sure. You will have a moment where you say to yourself, “I don’t have anything to wear”.

The Basic Menswear Wardrobe

You maintain a wardrobe for more reasons than you might think. Of course, you like to look your best at work, home and socially. But there are also quirks to your wardrobe choices. Like having four different colours of your favourite shirt.

But, let’s say your entire wardrobe disappeared today. How long would it take to get back to a working wardrobe? One where you still might sometimes wonder why you don’t have anything to wear, but one that would have you covered for a wide range of occasions.

Surprisingly, you wouldn’t need that many outfits to start. At least according to Ryan Gosling’s advice for men’s wardrobe essentials in the film ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’.

Essentials for a Men's Wardrobe

Here’s our recommendations for building a menswear wardrobe from scratch.

  1. Nylon All-Season Jacket - Looking good year-round in Toronto takes some ingenuity in your menswear choices. This nylon jacket is light enough for comfort in the spring and fall, and warm enough for winter wear.
  2. Three Pairs of Shoes - Footwear is more important than many men give it credit for. No, it’s not OK to show up in a business suit and sneakers. To be well shod in all occasions, you need at least a pair of rubber-soled casual shoes, easy-to-wear slip-ons that can be casual or more formal, and a pair of formal black lace-ups.
  3. Basic T-Shirt and Blue Jeans - No description needed. They’re just timeless and necessary in any men's wardrobe.
  4. A Sweater - Yeah, like that helps you choose one from the hundreds of sweaters out there. Look for something light that you can wear under a suit jacket or over your t-shirt and jeans.
  5. A Navy Blue Suit - The dark navy colour helps it look more formal when needed while being suitable for everyday business wear.
  6. A Blazer - Choose a lighter colour to give you a business wear option to the navy suit.
  7. A White Dress Shirt - It can work with the suit and blazer.
  8. Business-Casual Pants & Shirt - Choose a pants colour that works with the blazer and/or sweater. If you like a splash of colour in your wardrobe, you can get your fix from the casual shirt you choose.

To make sure you have all the essentials of a menswear wardrobe, visit Ed’s Fine Imports today.